ABIVAX’s ANTIVIRAL PLATFORM is based on technologies jointly developed with CNRS (Montpellier, France) and Institut Curie (Orsay, France). 

Targeting RNP complexes

Viruses are tiny infectious agents that are composed of genetic material (RNA or DNA), a protein capsid and, in some cases, a lipid envelope. Viruses replicate in host’s cells by using the host’s cellular machinery and metabolic processes to produce multiple copies of themselves, and assemble within the cell.

To replicate, viruses need to generate RNA-Protein complexes (RNP) from the host cell material. RNP complexes are composed of viral RNA and cellular and viral proteins. Those complexes can “hijack” the cellular machinery of the host cells to express viral RNA and generate new viruses.

ABIVAX’ ANTIVIRAL PLATFORM targets the formation of RNP’s in the nucleus or the cytoplasm of the infected cell during viral infection. This approach can be applied to any type of viruses.

ABIVAX’s ANTIVIRAL PLATFORM is based on a chemical library of more than one thousand small molecules that block viral replication due to a completely new mode of action, i.e. the inhibition of mRNA biogenesis.