ABX544 for Ebola Virus Infection

First Line of Defense

Abivax’s ABX544 program targets the generation of an Ebola hyperimmune serum, containing neutralizing antibodies produced from animals immunized with a specific Ebola antigen.

These antibodies are then directed to targets conserved between the different strains circulating in human populations, permitting a large degree of protection and limiting the risk of therapeutic failure when faced with new variants of the virus. It can be applied either as a treatment for infected persons or for protection of non-infected persons including health care workers, constituting a first line of defense during epidemic outbreaks.

Protective Response

In contrast to a vaccine that needs time to generate a protective response, ABX544 should have an immediate effect when administered.

The flexibility of production in urgent situations, as well as the capacity for transport and storage in some highlight affected countries will be of great advantage especially in epidemic situations.

About Ebola Virus

The Ebola virus disease is a hemorrhagic fever, a severe illness often fatal to those infected, which spreads through human-to-human transmission. The virus was first discovered in 1976 in Zaïre, during the first known outbreak which killed 431 individuals. The last outbreak (2014-2015) involved close to 29,000 cases and killed over 11,000 people (i.e. mortality rate of approximately 40%), revealing the need for a swift medical solution.

Source: World Health Organization

Next Steps

Abivax has started pre-clinical evaluation of these antibodies and aims to start the clinical development of this antibody preparation once the preclinical program is successfully completed. These antibodies could be used for treating people infected with the Ebola virus, as well as preventing the spread of infection during an outbreak.